Yury Zvekov
Yury Zvekov
JAMstack developer

About me

I create high-speed and convenient sites using advanced JAMstack tools.

As experience shows, modern static site generators with headlees CMS give an excellent result for PWA and SPA sites. These sites are fast by default.

I use JS, CSS and PHP frameworks for the implementation of tasks.

I give preference to open source solutions, but I also use commercial developments.

I like a bunch of Vue and Laravel, which is a guideline for my skill development.


ADE Systems

Gridsome, Vue, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, PWA, Openstreetmap, Vercel, Github, Markdown, Forestry, Google Sheet + Webhooks, Re:plain, Remonline

Irina Nails

Nuxt, Vue, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, PWA, Vercel, Bitbucket, Yandexmap, Re:plain


Nuxt, Vue, Strapi, PWA, Vercel, Heroku, MongoDB, Cloudinary CDN, Bitbucket, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, Yandexmap

Monkey Group

Pug/Jade, ECMAScript, Bootstrap, Github, Vercel, Yandexmap

Golubka MSK

Opencart, PHP, Ngnix, Bitbucket, PWA, Yandex Kassa & Market, SMS & Telegram Notifications, Faceboox & VK Pixel


Gridsome, Vue, PWA, Vercel, Bitbucket, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, Re:plain


Opencart, PHP, Ngnix, Bitbucket, PWA, Yandex Kassa & Market, CDEK, Boxberry, Russian Post, 1C Integration, SMS & Telegram Notifications, Faceboox & VK Pixel and more...


1C-Bitrix, PHP, Bootstrap, Ajax, Bitbucket, Nginx, MariaDB

Max Amster [processing]

Gridsome, Vue, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, Strapi, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Vercel, Bitbucket, Lottie, Typeform, Re:plain